Kuukausi: heinäkuu 2021

Hotline bling

Remember phone calls? Yeah I know, I hate them too. I mean who CALLS other people? If you can say it in an email, don’t call. At least if you’re contemplating calling someone under 40. It’s not just a truth universally acknowledged, but even surveys say it: millennials LOATHE phone calls.  I’m born in 1980, so I’m technically not a millennial (or I’m a … [Lue lisää Hotline bling]

When good stuff smells bad

We’re still all weary about travelling, and nobody ACTUALLY knows whether it’s allowed and how (even the government, it seems like). Since we’re all (minus the thousands of people who travelled to Russia for the Euro tournament and for catching covid) scared of taking trips abroad, a lot of Finns are doing a lot of domestic travelling. The messages on social are clear: Finland … [Lue lisää When good stuff smells bad]